I found this little guy in the garden today and affectionately call it Pinocchio.  DH thought is looked so cute that I just had to take a photo of it.  DD has asked for first dibs when Pinocchio is ripe.

Thanks dear family for making me smile and justifying my outrage that our tomatoes were nicked.  I think the lousy part is that I have been picking tomatoes off their stems earlier to ensure that we get to keep them.  What stinks about this is that I enjoy picking them when they’re ripe and within minutes of eating.  There’s nothing quite like a warm tomato that is fresh off the vine.  And I also enjoy growing at least one ridiculously big zucchini for the heck of it just to see how big it can grow.

Not many of these left...

Not many of these left…

Well, that’s enough of feeling sad and sorry.  I also took this photo of some potato flowers.  There won’t be too many of these left in my garden this season.  Because they are a soft lavender, I know that blue fingerlings grow underneath.  I’ll wait patiently for them to grow and perhaps be rewarded with a nice crop by Thanksgiving.


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